Zork Grand Inquisitor
John Beal
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Technical details
AUDIO CD with 14 audio-tracks.

Releasedate at synSONIQ: 1998
Ordering number: ACTCD3

Price: EUR 18.95
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The 'Zork Grand Inquisitor'- Soundtrack features classic music from the CD-Interactie-Adenture.

1. Propaganda on Parade
2. Port Foozle
3. Antharia Jack and the Magic Latern
4. The Enchatress Ygael
5. Griff
6. The Dungeon Masters Lair
7. Gue Tech Fight Song
8. Brog
9. Flathead Lucy Captured by wartle
10. Jack´s game
11. Jack Takes a number
12. Grand Inquisitor and Jack Make a deal
13. Inquisition Jail Escape
14. Zork Finale
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