Halo Wars
Stephen Rippy
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Erscheinungsdatum bei synSONIQ: 2009-03-12
Bestellnummer: HWCD

Preis: EUR 14.95
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Der Soundtrack zum Xbox 360 Strategiespiel.

01 Spirit of Fire
02 Bad Day Here
03 Perspective
04 Money or Meteors
05 Flollo
06 Just Ad Nauseam
07 Unusually Quiet
08 Flip and Sizzle
09 Put the Lady Down
10 Six-Armed Robbing Suit
11 Action Figure Hands
12 Status Quo Show
13 Part of the Plan
14 Work Burns and Runaway Grunts
15 Freaked Out
16 Rescued or Not
17. Best Guess at Best
18. One Problem at a Time
19. De Facto the Matter
20. Part of the Problem
21. Fingerprints Are Broken
22. Out of There Alive
23. Through Your Hoops
24. Under Your Hurdles
25. Insignificantia (All Sloppy/No Joe)
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