Number Nine
Chris Hülsbeck
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1 Audio CD, 74 minutes

Releasedate at synSONIQ: 2007-08-22
Ordering number: HCD9
EAN: 402872300019
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Price: EUR 16.95
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Sound examples
On Number Nine, Chris Huelsbeck presents the best of his musical ideas collected over the last ten years. San Francisco, where Chris’ resides since 1998, is an important source of inspiration, as track-names like Lombard Street and North Beach Night Life indicate as well as the cover artwork, which shows a detail of the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Fans who have been following his works from the beginning will be especially pleased to hear that the main focus of the new album is on his trademark electronic sounds again. One might be reminded of Vangelis or Jan Hammer (Miami Vice) from time to time, but Huelsbeck's distinctive style can be heard clearly throughout the album: memorable melodies embedded in harmonic, perfectly realized arrangements.

The production sounds better than Chris' earlier works, mostly thanks to the use of software-synthesizers; the music never feels cold or emotionless though. Several tracks feature live performances with guitar, e-bass and vocals.
Overall, Number Nine emphasizes the well-known strengths of the artist and yet comes with a fresh, new sound. And, since there can be no Huelsbeck-Album without game music, the 74 minutes CD has a special bonus track as well: a studio recording of the classic Turrican 3 Piano Suite which premiered at the Games Convention Concert 2006.

01 6000 Miles From Home
02 Endless Dunes
03 Lombard Street
04 North Beach Night Life
05 Scenic Drive
06 Regatta
07 Germany Calling
08 Tomorrow's Yesterday feat. Nina
09 Solitude
10 Golden Gate
11 Please Leave A Message
12 The Island
13 Remembrance
14 Those Were The Days
15 Stay feat. Raquel Gomez
16 Turrican 3 Piano Suite
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