Dreamfall - The Longest Journey OST
Leon Willett, Simon Poole
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Technical details
Audio-CD. 60 minutes

Releasedate at synSONIQ: 2006-09-12
Ordering number: FCCD1

Price: EUR 19.95
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 The Longest Journey OST
The original Dreamfall orchestral soundtrack brings you on a magnificent musical journey through the twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia. Composed by the Leon Willett, this limited edition CD gives you all the best orchestral music from Dreamfall. MTV-Nominee for Best Videogame Score 2006!

01. Dreamfall Theme
02. The Hospital Room
03. Casablanca
04. Jiva
05. Reza's Apartment
06. Northlands Forest
07. Newport
08. The Underground City
09. Marcuria
10. Meeting April Ryan
11. Necropolis
12. Sadir
13. Wati Corp
14. The Swamplands
15. Kian's Theme
16. Zoe's Theme
17. St. Petersburg
18. The Factory
19. Lana & Maud (Edit)
20. Clay (Edit)
21. Rush
22. Faith

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