Age of Empires 3
Kevin McMullan, Stephen Rippy
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Audio CD

Erscheinungsdatum bei synSONIQ: 2006-03-09
Bestellnummer: SUMCD18

Preis: EUR 15.95
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Die Komponisten von "Age of Mythology" legen nun mit dem Soundtrack zum dritten Teil des großen Microsoft-Strategieknüllers nach. Fans des Xbox-Hits "Crimson Skies" dürfte es freuen, dass diesmal Sten Le Pard das Northwest Sinfonia Orchester dirigiert.

01. Noddinagushpa
02. Across the Ocean Sea
03. Get Off My Band
04. Felonious Junk
05. Ruinion
06. A Pirate's Temper
07. I, Menevero
08. Scruffy and Underfed
09. Leisurely Brows
10. A Hot Meal
11. Bubble Chum
12. Of Licious
13. Rest with Us
14. Get Ye Sum
15. Where's My Uncle?
16. Muptop
17. Meet These French
18. Old Timer
19. Major Rewrite / General Chunks
20. Take His Toes
21. Happy to You
22. Camels, Straws, and Backs
23. Years in the Making
24. LastName CraneIchabod
25. Ludus Perditus (The End of Happy Times)
26. Niceterium (One Hand Clapping)
27. There is Weather / Decisions Are Made
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