Back in Time Live! DVD
Various Artists
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Technical details
2 DVDs (PAL Region 0) + Bonus Audio CD

Releasedate at synSONIQ: 2005-10-28
Ordering number: C64DVD

Price: EUR 29.95
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Stuck in D'80s, Rob Hubbard, Press Play on Tape, Visa Röster, The C64 Mafia - amazing live performances recorded at Brighton Centre and St. Luke's LSO. This massive set consists of DVD1 (St. Luke's concert), DVD2 (Rob Hubbard live at the Brighton Centre) and a bonus audio CD of the best tracks from both! Highlights include "I'm a Pumpkin Man" Live, Visa Roster's International Karate complete with guest sprites, and Stuck in D'80s Spellbound, featuring the most amazing violin solo ever.


01. Warhawk
02. Crazy Comets
03. Sacred Armour of Antiriad
04. Arkanoid
05. Commodore
06. The Last Ninja - Wilderness
07. Roland's Rat Race
08. Monty on the Run
09. Das Gamer
10. Wizball High Score
11. Pumpkin Man
12. Phantoms of the Asteroid
13. Great Giana Sisters
14. One Man and his Droid
15. You Were There - 1942
16. Forbidden Forest
17. Deathwish III
18. Breakdance
19. Sweet
20. Human Race - Tune 4
21. Think Twice III
22. Comic Bakery
23. Think Cross
24. International Karate
25. Spy vs Spy Medley
26. Armageddon Man
27. Exploding Fist/IK
28. Pimple Squeezer
29. Deflektor
30. Paperboy / Arcade Classics
31. Spellbound
32. Rasputin


01. Virgin Atlantic Challenge
02. Spellbound
03. Commando High Score
04. Crazy Comets High Score
05. Gerry the Germ
06. Human Race - Tune 4
07. Moonlight Sonata
08. One Man and his Droid
09. Sam Fox Strip Poker
10. Sanxion
11. Thing on a Spring
12. Way of the Exploding Fist
13. Pimple Squeezer
14. Back in Time Live Brighton
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