Age of Mythology
Kevin McMullan, Stephen Rippy
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Erscheinungsdatum bei synSONIQ: 2004-03-30
Bestellnummer: SUMCD1

Preis: EUR 24.95
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Eingespielt mit Instrumenten aus der ganzen Welt und teilweise auch mit echtem Orchester (Northwest Sinfonia Seattle)

01. A Cat Named Mittens
02. Eat Your Potatoes
03. Chocolate Outline
04. Never Mind the Slacks and Bashers
05. Suture Self
06. Flavor Cats (In the Comfort Zone)
07. (Fine Layers Of) Slaysenflite
08. Hoping For Real Betterness
09. Adult Swim
10. The Ballad of Ace LeBaron
11. In a Pile of Its Own Good
12. Behold the Great Science Fi
13. Have You Met Her Thunder (Trailer)
14. If You Can Use a Doorknob (Victory)
15. Ma'am...Some Other Sunset (Defeat)
16. Gary's Reserve (End Credits)
17. Eat Your Potatoes (Quiet Mix)
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