Kingdom Hearts
Yoko Shimomura
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2 AUDIO CDs mit insgesamt 76 Musikstücken.

Erscheinungsdatum bei synSONIQ: 2003-03-18
Bestellnummer: SQSCD11
EAN: 724358045321

Preis: EUR 21.95
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 Kingdom Hearts 2 Original Soundtrack
Game Soundtrack zum PlayStation 2 Spiel "Kingdom Hearts". Die CD enthält neben "Hikari" dem Hauptthema performed von Hikaru Utada, klassiche Disney Songs und einen neuen Song von Yoko Shimomura (Parasite Eve)


1.Dearly Beloved
2.Kingdom Orchestra (Instrumental Version)
3.Utada Hikaru 'Simple And Clean'
4.Dive Into The Heart
5.Destiny Islands
6.Bustin' Up On The Beach
7.Mickey Mouse Club March
8.Treasured Memories
9.Strange Whispers
10.Kairi I
11.It Began With A Letter
12.A Walk In Adante
13.Night Of Fate
14.Destiny's Force
15.Where Is This
16.Traverse Town
17.The Heartless Has Come
18.Shrouding Dark Cloud
19.Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I-
20.Tricksy Clock
21.Welcome To Wonderland
22.To Our Surprise
23.Turning The Key
24.Olympus Coliseum
25.Road To A Hero
26.Go For It!
27.No Time To Think
28.Deep Jungle
29.Having A Wild Time
30.Holy Bananas
31.Squirming Evil
32.Hand In Hand
33.Kairi II
34.Merlin's Magical House
35.Winnie The Pooh
37.Just An Itty Bitty To Much
38.Once Upon A Time
39.Shipmeisters' Humoresque
40.Precious Stars In The Sky
41.Blast Away! -GummiShip II-


1.A Day In Agrabah
2.Arabian Dream
3.Villains Of A Sort
4.A Very Small Wish
5.Monstrous Monstro
6.Friends in My Heart
7.Under The Sea
8.An Adventure In Atlantica
9.A Piece Of Peace
10.An Intense Situation
11.The Deep End
12.This Is Helloween
13.Spooks Of Helloween Town
15.Captain Hook's Pirate Ship
16.Pirate's Gigue
17.Never Land Sky
18.Kairi III
19.Blast Away! -Gummi Ship III-
20.Hollow Bastion
21.Scherzo di notte
22.Forze del male
23.Hikari -Kingdom Hearts Insturmental Version-
25.End Of The World
26.Fragments Of Sorrow
27.Guardando nel buio
28.Beyond The Door
29.Always On My Mind
30.Utada Hikaru 'Simple And Clean'
31.March Caprice For Piano And Orchestra
32.Hand In Hand -Reprise-
33.Dearly Beloved
34.Having A Wild Time -Previous Version-
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