Sonic Adventure 2 Official Soundtrack (US-Import)
Various Artists
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Technische Daten
AUDIO CD mit insgesamt 26 Musikstücken und einer Gesamtspielzeit von 78 Minuten.

Erscheinungsdatum bei synSONIQ: 2003-02-25
Bestellnummer: SOCD5
EAN: 645573021429
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Preis: EUR 29.95
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Die amerikanische Version des Sonic 2 Soundtracks. Die CD vereint Tracks aus beiden japanischen CDs zu einer "Best of". 12 der Tracks beinhalten die Vocal-Edition und die Texte sind im Booklet abgedruckt.

1. It Doesn't Matter...Theme of Sonic - Tony Harnell
2. Event: Let's Make It!
3. Escape From the City...City Escape - Tony Harnell
4. Vengence Is Mine...Radical Highway
5. Lovely Gate 3...Egg Quarters - Bashiri Johnson
6. Unknown From M.E...Theme From Knuckles - Marlon Saunders
7. This Way Out...Prison Lane
8. I'm a Spy... ...Security Hall - Bashiri Johnson
9. That's the Way I Like It...Metal Harbor
10. Rhythm and Balance...White Jungle
11. Won't Stop, Just Go!...Green Forest
12. E.G.G.M.A.N...Theme of Dr. Eggman - Paul Shortino
13. Drive Into the Mellow...Aquatic Mine
14. Rumbling HWY...Mission Street
15. Fly in the Freedom...Theme of Rouge - Jean Baptiste
16. Advertise: SA2...In the Groove
17. Space Trip Steps...Meteor Herd
18. Soarin' Over the Space...Cosmic Wall
19. Believe in Myself...Theme of Tails - Kaz Silver
20. Highway in the Sky...Final Rush
21. Throw It All Away...Theme of Shadow - Akira Sasaki
22. Deep Inside of... ...Cannon's Core No. 3
23. Supporting Me...Biolizard - Akira Sasaki
24. Event: The Last Scene
25. Live and Learn...Main Theme of SA2 - Johnny Gioeli
26. Chao Race Extended Remix [Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix]
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