Square Vocal Collection
Various Artists
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Technical details
Audio CD with 12 tracks.

Releasedate at synSONIQ: 2001
Ordering number: SQSCD7
EAN: 45173311008522

Price: EUR 39.95
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A compilation of vocal albums (songs) from many games from SQUARE. Selected are only songs employed in a dramatical and touching scene. All songs are performed by great singers from around the world and the masterpieces that have brought out the game user's emotions to the max is now compilated into one CD. Bonus track included. The booklet contains the lyrics of all tracks.
Bonus Track : Chiisana Hane' (Dice and Chokobo ending theme)

01 FOREVERMORE (The Bouncer)
02 SMALL TWO OF PIECES (Xenogears)
03 Treasure Box Of The Heart (Chocobo Racing)
04 9 TIMES (Professional Baseball)
05 LOVELY STRAINS (Soukaigi)
07 SOMNIA MEMORIAS (Parasite Eve)
08 STARS OF TEARS (Xenogears)
09 RADICAL DREAMERS (Chrono Cross)
10 MELODIES OF LIFE (Final Fantasy IX)
11 SONG OF MANA (ENDING THEME) (Legend of Mana)
12 BONUS TRACK - Tiny Wings (Dice de Chocobo)
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