Sonic Adventure 2 OST
Jun Senoue
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2 AUDIO CDs mit 60 Musikstücken.

Erscheinungsdatum bei synSONIQ: 2001
Bestellnummer: SOCD4
EAN: 4535506800756

Preis: EUR 59.95
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Dieses CD-Set beinhaltet 60 Songs des 'Sonic Adventure 2' Albums und BGM Tracks. Das Album ist ein 2-CD Set und beinhaltet alle Original-Stücke zu dem Spiel, außer den Vocal Songs, welche sich auf der CD Vocal Song Collection befinden.

CD 1 Hero Side

SA2 Main Riff
Event: Lets make it
Escape from the City
The Mad Convoy Race
Thats The Way i Like it
cant stop, so what?
wont stop, just go
keys the ruin
unstable world
highway in the sky
SA2 in the groove
this way out
Rumbling HWY
Chasing Drive
Down in the base
On the Edge
SA2 Ver. B
Kick the Rock!
A Ghosts pumpkin soup
Dive into the mellow
Space Trips Steps
Masters of the desert
Prof. Omochao
Chao Race extended Mix
Chao Garden Extended Mix

CD 2 Dark Side

Vengence is mine
Rhythm and balance
Mr. Unsmiley
The supernatural
for true story
Hey You ! Its time to speed up again!
Still Invincible
Rhythmic Passage
Suitable Opponent
Remember Me?
Way to the base
Crushem all
Soarin over the space
Black noise
SA2 ver. C
Sonic vs. Shadow
Bright Sound
Lovely Gate 3
Im a spy
34°n, 12°e
The Base
Shut up faker
Scramble for the core
Deep inside of...
The last scene
Live 6 Learn
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