Bridge from the past to the future
Chris Hülsbeck
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Technical details
14 audio-tracks and a total playtime of 45 minutes.

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Price: EUR 14.95
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A compact disc containing songs in both MP3 and standard CD audio format. That means you can listen to them from a regular stereo CD player and your MP3 player. July 14th 2000: Check out my first DAM CD "Bridge from the past to the future". The material on the CD is mainly film soundtrack style. Besides a selection of the best tracks from my other CDs, it contains some former unreleased songs for movie, commercial and promotional work.

01. Galileo
02. Light at the end of the tunnel - Theme
03. Light at the end of the tunnel - Credits
04. Atlantis
05. Tunnel B1 Intro
06. Tunnel B1 Credits
07. Cut Character Title & Dreamsequence
08. Cut Character Suicide
09. Theme from Battle Isle
10. The Great Bath
11. Tower of Babel
12. Romance
13. Turrican 3 Credits
14. X-Mas Theme
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