Bang! Tick... Tick...
Allister Brimble
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Technical details
AUDIO CD with 14 audio-tracks and a total playtime of 54:02 minutes.

Ordering number: AMBCD2
EAN: 40287230104

Price: EUR 15.95
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Allister Brimble composed the soundtrack for games from Team 17, for example Alien Breed! On this CD he presents his latest tunes, een those which don't come from video games.

1. Bang! Tick... Tick...
2. Everywhere and Everything
3. Discord
4. Order From Chaos
5. New Constellation
6. Home
7. Out To Play
8. Dark Age
9. Genetic Overdrive
10. All Gods
11. God FM
12. Epitaph
13. All Good Things
14. Tick... Tick... Bang!
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